Commission Prices

Prices will vary depending the requested complexity of the work. Price estimations are listed below to help give you an idea of what your commissions may cost but remember that your piece may cost more or less depending on what you're asking for.

Standard Style

Flat Color : 35$
Shaded : 45$
+Simple Background : +5$
+Complex Background +35$

Chibi Style

Flat Color : 25$
Shaded : 30$
Soft Shading : 35$
+Colored lines : +10$
(Grain texture and borders are optional with no charge)

Digital Painting

Complex Character : 100$~
Simple Character : 50$~
This is an experimental style where even simpler designs will take me 2 days on average to complete. The piece usually goes straight from sketch into painting on a single layer with extra layers being used solely for extra lighting and background/foreground images. Price can vary drastically based on the complexity of the request.


Below are various links for you to contacts me, or contact me at ExorcistGold#5379 on Discord

Terms of Service

It is required that your read my TOS before commissioning.

Process and Payment

Before requesting payment I will provide a single or multiple sketches to help make sure that you are getting the image you desire. After that progress is halted until full payment is received, and once progress as begun on the work (line art, coloring, etc) that payment becomes non-refundable. You can still get a refund if the artwork never moved past the rough sketch phase but at no point after.

Will not draw

There are a few things that i refuse to draw for various personal reasons and i reserve the right to deny a client if I so please. Some of those things may include:
Art depicting incestuous or pedophilia relationships, Depictions of hate speech, racism, or LGBTQIA+phobia, Complex machinery such as vehicles or robots, Things that could be considered "graphic design" like logos and layouts, Graphic depictions of OCs that do no belong to the commissioner, and certain kinks and fetishes.

I will draw gore and NSFW but that art will likely not be posted to my socials.

Use of art

Under no circumstances should my art be made into NFTs (non fungible tokens), this is not up for negotiation.


Specials are limited time offers for special kinds of commissions.

No specials currently available

Friday night funkin

Making assets for Friday Night Funkin' mods requires differnt approaches then what i usually do for drawing my usual illustrations and must be priced differntly.

IMPORTANT NOTE : I currently draw my assets in ClipStudioPaint, and then move them to OpenToonz to animate them there. That means i can do sprites sheets, but those sprite sheets will not come with a .xml file. Im currently still learning how to use Adobe Animate but wont being using it for commissions until stated otherwise.

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